Coming in April

OK, Needle fans, where are we?

John is working his design magic on the first issue of NEEDLE.

Scott D. Parker and Naomi Johnson have helped me tremendously with story edits and proofing. The stories wouldn’t be where they are without their help.

And, of course, more than a dozen writers have sent in stories and bios and pictures. We have some tight, clean writing and some deranged, messy stories.

So next week will be some serious proofing and bucketloads of whatnots. And then, Needle will be available for you to order and have mailed to your door, to hold in your hands, all ink-on-paper loveliness.


Early on in the process, John suggested “opening the books,” as it were, to discuss the financing of this project.

Starting out, we can’t pay writers. We’d like to be in a position to do so, but we can’t now. We’ll keep working and see how things develop. In addition to my work, the work that John has done, pretty expensive if you had to hire it done, has been free. Same for the work of the fiction editors, Scott and Naomi. Just like baseball players, we do this for the love of the game.


1 .COM Domain Name Registration – 3 Years $30.51 NEEDLEMAG.COM
1 YR PO BOX Rental $40 (plus $2 deposit for PO Box keys)

That’s $72.51 for those two items.


Still thinking we’ll be around 150 pages of crime fiction in this first issue. Hope you like it. Scott and Naomi have put in some serious effort with the stories. And, of course, John has made this idea look like a professional magazine.

Hope you enjoy it.

— Steve


7 responses to “Coming in April

  1. Ah. There’s the soup bones, but the real question for me is…um… d’hell is Rachel Ray Magazine doing on the blog roll? (Blinks, rub fists in eyes, checks label on meds ).

  2. Hi guys,

    I just wanted to say that this is a fantastic project and I wish you all the very best of luck with it. You can count on me shelling out some of my hard earned dosh on it and I look forward to reading the first issue.

    Kind regards to all.

  3. looking damn fine. super pleased to be part of the crew.

  4. So excited for the first issue. Proud to be included.

  5. Money? Paid? Paid to write? Do people actually make money from this whole writing thing? I’m just happy to be part of the first issue with so many other great writers

  6. Thanks for the good wishes, folks. The mag is in the proofing machine now.

  7. Oh, and as for Rachel Ray — long story. Maybe we’ll get to it in one of the later issues.