April Report

Last month we took a look at the books. We had no revenue, so all we had to check out were these expenses.


1 .COM Domain Name Registration – 3 Years $30.51 NEEDLEMAG.COM
1 YR PO BOX Rental $40 (plus $2 deposit for PO Box keys)

That’s $72.51 for those two items.

Now that we’ve been on the virtual shelves for a few days, we have some revenue.



The revenue comes from the “Creator Revenue” tacked on Lulu’s printing expenses. It ain’t much per copy, but we’re hoping it’ll add up.

Lulu charges to print Needle. They charge to mail it to you. (I suppose the post office or whoever charges them.) (Side note: Sorry about the cost to send it overseas. I hadn’t thought of that. We’re looking for a POD outfit in the UK to help.)

So far that gives us $10.11 to split between the 15 writers, plus the great editing and proofing work done by Naomi Johnson, Scott D. Parker, and Dan O’Shea. I can’t express my thanks strongly enough for the work of the writers and editors involved in this project.

And that doesn’t begin to address the hours John Hornor Jacobs put into designing this thing. This ink-on-paper thing was my idea. I kinda tricked him into it. I had planned to work for free, but I promised him a drink for every hour he puts in. Guess I need to go adjust those expense numbers. (That’s a joke.)

Anyway, we have a little over ten dollars in the kitty right now. The more copies sold, the bigger the kitty gets — and the closer we get to paying the writers, which is one of our many goals. But that isn’t something we can do right away. We’re finding our way, our audience. Our mission is to provide great fiction, providing a venue for authors and an experience for readers.

Eventually, maybe we’ll be able to cover lunch for the writers. Then dinner. Then a nice dinner. A long-term goal, maybe, but a worthwhile one.

Naomi, Scott, and Dan make no money on this, despite working their butts off. And proofing/editing stories can be as time-consuming as writing one.

John and I make no money on this.

I do this because I want to see crime fiction in an ink-on-paper magazine. Quality stuff. That you can hold in your hands. And everyone involved, I think, feels the same way.

Thanks for your support.

4 responses to “April Report

  1. We’ll get there (payment) or we won’t, but no need to sweat what anyone not involved says. Do not let anyone else’s attitude diminish the pride you have in what you, John, and all the others involved have accomplished. Those of us who contributed wanted to see a quality print mag of crime fiction come to fruition. That happened. Personally, I’m as pleased as punch about it.

  2. I second what Naomi said. We need all the markets we can get and if donating a story to get us there is what it takes you can always count me in.

  3. Even if you tried to pay me Steve, I’d refuse it. My payment as a writer in all the outlets for my stories is just the exposure. Writing is something I’m going to do anyway so it’s not like I was put out when I was asked top contribute. I was thrilled!
    Writing is not work. If ever there is enough money in this it should go to the people you mentioned who actually w-o-r-k-e-d.
    My copy has shipped and I’m psyched to dig into it.

  4. Naomi — Thanks. This has been hard work for many folks, but I hope it’s been fun. The results should be in hands this week, so we’ll see.

    Sandra — One person who read the proof copy fell in love with your story and went looking for more. Let’s hope that’s the exact same response from all our readers.

    Eric — Loved your story, too. Geez, so much good stuff in here. Can’t wait to hear what folks think.