Pic a Winner — A Contest for the Needle Addicts

First and foremost, much, much thanks for all the kind words on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, emails, direct messages, and elsewhere. After all the work the writers put into their stories, John put into the design and Naomi, Scott, and Dan put into proofing/editing, the fact that you’re as thrilled as we are is fantastic. So, we’re glad you’re enjoying it and grateful that you’re spreading the word. Seriously, thanks for that.

OK, on to the contest.

This photo is from Mr. Got Pulp himself, Matthew McBride:

Now here’s what you can do:

Get yourself pictured reading NEEDLE. Or of a friend or family member reading the mag. Or of a wrestler. A stranger at the Soap-N-Suds. Whatever.
Then post the photo and link back here.

At the end of May (wanna give you time to get a copy), we’ll draw three winners. Two get a copy of the second issue free of charge mailed to them. Yes. Even if you live in Tazmania or Scotland. The third person gets the second issue of NEEDLE signed by some of the authors.

Post your photo wherever you want, but POST THE LINK HERE IN THE COMMENTS. We’ll post up as many of the photos as we can.

No purchase necessary. (You can borrow your friend’s NEEDLE.)
Void where prohibited by law or where this will get us in trouble.
Please do not harm any livestock in the course of this contest.

OK. Matthew McBride is already in. Who else?

UPDATE: Considering offering the winner a choice of Issue #2, Needle t-shirt, or Needle mug (see STORE tab up top). John has done great design work on all, of course.


19 responses to “Pic a Winner — A Contest for the Needle Addicts

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  2. Naomi, that’s just fantastic stuff.

  3. My issue arrived yesterday. I’m six stories in and they are all excellent.

    Here is my contribution to the photo contest.


  4. My copy arrived yesterday, can’t wait to dig in.

    Here’s my entry to the contest.

  5. Mack, Better watch your back out there in the woods. From what I’ve read in this issue, it can be rough out there.

    Ben, Can’t tell whether the pooch is impressed.

  6. Patti Abbott


    Incidentally the link didn’t work this am when I tried it.

  7. Steve, She’s impressed alright.

  8. C’est moi, le Mal Ray, et une Needle.


  9. PokerBen — Cool.

    Evil — Always with the nice hat.

  10. Already looking forward to issue #2. These stories are all really good and the quality of the magazine is really good. Even the buying and shipping to another country was easy.

    It’s like a whole new world.


  11. This arrived in my mailbox in Lancaster, UK today. Looks SO COOL! But this jailbird can haz kitty got ahold of my copy…


  12. Thanks! Yeah, at least he didn’t teethe on it.

  13. I might as well actually participate, right?

    Besides, I can also pimp the blog this way. I’m not averse to using the boy to garner peeks at it.


    Thanks for sending the mag out so quickly. Loving it.

  14. Here’s a picture of me reading Needle with my entry in Needle’s First Flash Fiction Contest.