Needle’s First Flash Fiction Challenge

Let’s have us some flash fiction up in these parts .

Come up with a flash fiction story of no more than 1,000 words.

The story MUST have a needle in there somewhere, somewhere. Phonograph. Tattoo. Syringe. Knitting. Don’t care, but ya gotta have a needle.

Post a link to your story by MAY 18 (that’s a Tuesday, folks). If you don’t have a home for your story, we’ll find a spot for it around the innerwebs somewhere.

We’ll start the linking up here on that day.

That Friday, we’ll randomly pull someone’s name outta the hat and give away a NEEDLE T-SHIRT. (You can get a mug instead if you don’t wear shirts.)

That’s the random part. We’ll also look through the stories to see whether anything might be a good fit for the summer issue of NEEDLE, expected out around the first of July. If it seems like a fit, we’ll chat about it.

OK. If I forgot anything rules-wise, lemme know in the comments.

Are you in? If so, post in the comments and we’ll get this thing rolling.

Thanks and have fun.

88 responses to “Needle’s First Flash Fiction Challenge

  1. Chad Eagleton

    I’m game.

  2. I’m with you, too.

  3. chad rohrbacher


  4. I’ve notes jotted down already. I hope a 1000 words will contain it.

  5. if the idea comes, i’d love to write it.

  6. Tentatively throwing my hat into the ring. No real ideas right now though.

  7. Hmm….interesting…..OK, I’m game!

  8. Oh, all right. I’m in.

  9. I can’t believe no one has said it yet: it’s Plots with Needles

  10. Keith Rawson

    Lindenmuth’s comment means he’s in. I volunteer Lindenmuth’s under rated short story writing skills

  11. Who the fuck’s Flynn? In.

  12. Cameron Ashley

    In. Maybe. Probably.

  13. In there like swimwear.

  14. You want me to write something fuck it I’ll write something. You’ll have to find a home for it though.

    I’m game enough to reverse the roles and give everyone a chance to pick apart the reviewer.

  15. I love flash fiction challenges. I’m in and will promote it at the Troll’s Bridge.

  16. As in as an in thing. What???

  17. Is a personal blog an acceptable spot to put these, or should we send them out to other journals?

  18. Chris, If you have a spot, post there. If not, we’ll find a home for the story.

  19. I’ll give this a shot. Get it? Shot? Anyone?

  20. How bizarre are we allowed to get? Count me in.

  21. Steve, anyone who needs a site to post can post on PBF.

  22. I’m up.

    Find my entry at:

    Title: Drinking Wine (Spo-dee-oh-dee)

    may god bless her and all who sail in her.



  23. I have to get in on this!

  24. Needle all good and sharpened.

  25. Awright. You owe me two pots of coffee and a night’s sleep.

  26. matthew funk and ajhayes, i take my hats off to you (have several and wear them all at once)

    and Needle, have to hand it to you for attracting such immense talent.

  27. Can we post more than one?

  28. Folks, Aldo has offered to host over at if you need a spot. Thanks, Aldo.

    SWP — Absolutely. Names are going into the hat, so you’ll still be entered the one time (in case that wasn’t clear.) So, write as much cool stuff as you can.

  29. I’m in. Shit. I’m in. The 19th is my birthday. No pressure or anything, folks.

  30. I’m working on the WGI piece, but this sounds like fun, too. I will try my best to get a “Needle” story together & join this party! I hope to post it on my new blog address:
    I’ll stop back before 5/18 to confirm.

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  33. I’m in! Sounds fun.

    • Nigel, Now I’m going to cringe every time I pick up a needle and thread. Whoa–I could feel this one. Great stuff!

      • thanks joyce. you know, positive feedback is like gasoline in the veins.
        isn’t this a great contest and how good are the entries? i’m bowled over and i’ve still got lots to go – will get to Till Death in the next couple of days. the title alone works for me.

  34. Whoa! Nigel, you had me squirming like dentistry without Novocaine. Still, the black humor had me laughing. I gotta go get a moose head of my own now. Top flight stuff, man.

  35. Bailey Hunter

    Only limit I saw was length and needles so hopefully this is acceptable…

    The Perfect Tattoo
    845 words
    (adult themed)

    Good luck finding it a home. heh

  36. Click my name for my entry, “Whale Food.” Many thanks to Jimmy Callaway. 1000 words on the dot.

  37. My story is up, “Rimbaud’s Request”. I welcome your comments.

  38. I’m in. –> My entry will be posted at GOT PULP? [ ] SOON. It’s called ELECTRIC CANDYLAND

  39. I’m forever late on these challenges but I’m in.

  40. Dzien dobre!
    Sorr, I’m out. Too much booze this week!

    • gutted, but not quite as upset as the fulham players on wednesday.
      maybe lay off the booze for a couple of days and get the ideas onto paper.
      next time.

  41. I’m in. I’ll send a link by Tuesday.

  42. Okay, I’m taking the plunge…

    It’s called “Even My Own.”

  43. David Rachels
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  45. Here’s mine:

    “A Tank of Broken Memories”

  46. Today has been officially declared National Make Fun of a Critic Day. In other words I posted my story.

    Have at it folks.

  47. Some guy named Christopher Grant has his story, SARAN WRAP AND SYRINGES, up at A Twist Of Noir.

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  49. I put my story up on my blog. The Mesa Stop.

  50. Jimmy Callaway’s entry, ALL THE SMART BOYS KNOW WHY, can be found at A Twist Of Noir.


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  52. Alrighty. This story came to me early, but took a while to get it to fit the 1k restriction.

    The Bagman

  53. OK, folks. Closing this puppy down tonight and starting up a new post tomorrow with a list of entries.

    If you haven’t linked up yet, you’ve still got time.

    Stay sharp, Needle Addicts

  54. I apologize if this is a repeat; it hasn’t show up yet in the comments (it could be a moderator delay thing), so I’m not sure if it went through or not…I’ll give it another try:
    “The Bond” is up at:

  55. It was done last night, but I didn’t have time to post a link here.


  56. Here’s a post of a story called ‘Only Shallow’ Thanks

    -Adam Hungerford

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  58. Here’s the link to my Needle Mag Flash Fiction Challenge. It’s titled “Family Ties.”

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  61. from one bird to another,

    well done Chad.

    wear it wisely and with pride.


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