Needle Flash Entries

We put out the call and you answered. Hot dang, but you answered. Some great stuff out there. Take a tour of the innerwebs and read along. Drawing is Friday.

Nigel Bird Drinking Wine

MC Funk Pain Ends

AJ Hayes Dark Genesis

Sue H ‘All Stitched Up

Sike Ward Patient Crime Spree

SWP  The Hammer

SWP  The Second Amendment

Julie Summerell Under the Carpet

Chad Rohrbacher That Was That

Nigel Bird Suture

Dennis Finocchiaro Under the Juniper Tree

Bailey Hunter The Perfect Tattoo (adult themed)

Josh Converse Whale Food

Gerald So  Rimbaud’s Request

Matthew McBride Electric Candyland

Chad Eagleton Untitled Entry

Carey Burns Gone Fishing

Ray Yanek  Even My Own

David Rachels Black Eyes

Richard Godwin Slick Time

John Weagly A Tank of Broken Memories

Joyce Juzwik Till Death…

Brian Lindenmuth Brown Shoes Don’t Make It

Christopher Grant Saran Wrap and Syringes

Chris Deal  The Mesa Stop

Jimmy Callaway All the Smart Boys Know Why

Ron Earl Phillips The Bagman

Kathleen A. Ryan The Bond

Cormac Brown Mauve

Adam Hungerford Only Shallow

Dan O’Shea Purl Two

Allan Leverone Family Ties

Jay Stringer MC Hammer

9 responses to “Needle Flash Entries

  1. Who can resist a needle when it’s this bright and sparkling? Thread away boys, thread away.

  2. I’m still working my way through reading all the entries and what a great pleasure that is for sure!

  3. I continue to be amazed by the standard of the work. It’s an honour to be part of this.
    I also think the picture you’ve used of the needle in the skull (reminiscent of the US cover of Slammer and also of Thuglit’s ‘Sex and Thugs’) is wonderful and would be a great cover for your own third issue.

  4. Fantastic bunch of stories. I enjoyed each one.

  5. What a group. Every one a different concept. All impressive. Very cool.

  6. This was one fun contest and the stories couldn’t be better. 🙂

  7. Thanks to all the great stories. SO much reading to do.

    Just held the drawing for the free tshirt.
    Congrats to this guy:

  8. Congrats to Chad for winning the T-shirt! Cool!

  9. Yeah, this was a pip. There was so much sound talent stabbing in from all directions.

    Cheers on the T-shirt. And here’s to future chances to inflict wounds in such good company.