Summer Issue coming in July

Yes. The summer issue will be available in July.

We thought you might like a sneak peek at who’s inside:

Julie Summerell lives in North Carolina with her husband and children. “Under the Rug” was her first foray into Crime Fiction. You can find more of Julie at where she’ll be happy to argue the merits of Eastern NC Barbecue over Western, that Han shot first, and why clowns are evil personified.

Nigel Bird is a Support For Learning teacher in a primary school near Edinburgh.  Co-Producer of the Rue Bella magazine between 1998 and 2003, he has recently had work published by ‘The Reader’ and ‘Crimespree’ and was interviewed by Spinetingler for their ‘Conversations With The Bookless’ series earlier this year.  He recently won the ‘Watery Grave Invitational’ contest over at ‘The Drowning Machine’ and hopes to complete a draft of his first novel by the end of 2010.

Sarah Weinman covers publishing for DailyFinance and writes crime fiction columns for the Barnes & Noble Review and the Los Angeles Times. Her fiction has appeared in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine and several anthologies. She blogs, more sporadically of late, at Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind (

Allan Leverone is a three-time Derringer Award Finalist for excellence in short mystery fiction whose work has been featured in Shroud Magazine, Twisted Dreams, Morpheus Tales, Mysterical-E and many others. He is a proud member of the International Thriller Writers, New England Horror Writers and the Short Mystery Fiction Society, and his debut novel, a thriller titled FINAL VECTOR, is due for release from Medallion Press in February, 2011. Please visit Allan on Facebook, Myspace or at

Chris F. Holm wrote his first story at the age of six.  It got him sent to the principal’s office.  He’d like to think that right then is when he decided to become a writer. Since then, Chris’s stories have appeared in a slew of publications, including Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Beat to a Pulp, and Thuglit.  He’s been a Derringer Award finalist and a Spinetingler Award winner, and he’s also written a novel or two, which are currently out on submission. You can visit Chris on the web at

David Cranmer is editor/publisher of BEAT to a PULP and regularly updates his blog The Education of a Pulp Writer ( He lives in Maine with his wife.

Stephen Blackmoore writes stories about bad people doing bad things.  His short stories and poetry have appeared in Plots With Guns, Spinetingler, Thrilling Detective, Shots, Demolition, Clean Sheets, Flashing In The Gutters and the anthology UNCAGE ME through Bleak House Books. His debut novel, CITY OF THE LOST, will be published by DAW books in 2012. You can find him online at

Mike Sheeter is an ex-magazine editor and screenwriter. A refugee from Los Angeles, he now divides his time between Daytona Beach and Jacksonville, Florida, the home town of Henry Lee Lucas and Charles Ponzi, the inventor of the Ponzi scheme.

Ray Banks is the author of the Cal Innes series of books, as well as a bunch of short stories published all over the place and anthologised a couple of times. He’s currently working out what the fuck his next book’s going to be whilst broadcasting intermittent and possibly cryptic messages at his website

When not batting clean-up for the Dodgers, Nolan Knight concentrates on more strenuous feats, crafting lies on paper. Recent fabrications can be found in Thuglit, Out of the Gutter, Pulp Pusher, and Plots with Guns. He slangs at

John Stickney was born, raised, worked and is still slowly dying in Cleveland, Ohio.  Poetry, fiction, blah, blah, blah, but still in Cleveland.

Frank Bill is a southern Indiana writer with shorts in Plots With Guns, Thuglit, Beat to a Pulp, Talking River Review, Hardboiled, Darkest Before the Dawn, Crimefactory, and the defunct Pulppusher. Donnybrook, his first novel, begins the rounds with publishers in June.


15 responses to “Summer Issue coming in July

  1. Looking bloody good!

  2. Goddamn. I’m honored to be in such company. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of it.

  3. ditto stephen b, but you’re also in the company honours list.
    i don’t have much hair, but what there is stands on end as i type.
    many thanks and upwards and onwards.

  4. I’m very honored to be apart of this issue.

  5. Patti Abbott

    Looks like a great one.

  6. This is incredibly exciting, and I want to say thank you a thousand times over for this opportunity.

    I can’t wait for my copy.

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  8. AmishZombieDude

    Last issue was great! I Will not rest until this hot mag issue is in my cold, dead,grimey hands!

  9. This looks pretty damn amazing, cannot wait to read it. And I’m proud to share the pages with such talented writers.

  10. John Stickney

    I am also honored to be in such company. Thanks for this opportunity.

    • Where have you been buddy? I’m back in the scene and dying from lack of poetic oxygen. Always loved your stuff…


  11. The sleeper here, the one to look for here – the one to do serious damage to your mind with his twists and the authority in his prose that tells you – in your face, that he is no crime tourist, this cat has seen felt and done a world of mad and upsidedowwn – on the wild side of wrong…Mike Sheeter. Babababaaad!

  12. yeah, i know it’s august. shaddup. so gonna be worth it.

  13. Fantastic line up – can’t wait to read it!

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