The good folks at Duotrope’s Digest have listed us on their site. They provide a fantastic amount of information on journals — print and online.

Also, big and continued thanks to the folks at Submishmash, the submission engine we use. They keep our submissions — which are beginning to be legion — organized and much easier to handle.

And speaking of cool, fantastic, and stuff to handle, here’s something we’d like your thoughts on.

A number of book publishers have asked us if we would consider doing book reviews. When we first started NEEDLE, the idea was fiction. Just fiction. No poems. No reviews. No ads for lite beer. Just the stories. The idea is to share the best writing from some of the best noir writers out there.

As NEEDLE has been developing and growing, though, we’ve come to think that perhaps providing book reviews of crime/mystery/noir/hard boiled novels would serve a similar purpose — spreading the word about some of the best writers out there. So far, I think, four book companies have asked us about this policy and whether we’d like to review some books for our readers.

So, if you have any thoughts on adding some selected book reviewing to the story publishing, we’d love to hear them in the comments. Thanks.


16 responses to “Ongoings

  1. Hi.
    My feeling is stick with the fiction for now. You can’t be all things to all people and there are others who have that model and do it well.
    If it was your instinct in the first place to do that, your gut must have been telling you something.
    I have no problems with reviews – in fact I love them. In some ways I already see too many – Spintetingler, Drowning Machine, Broad From Badsville, Crimeculture and so on that do the job extremely well, not to mention the brilliance of following links through Twitter. I’ve bought so many books since hooking up online in a meaningful way that my shelves are bending.
    Anyway. One Man’s Opinion.


  2. I would much rather see page space devoted to fiction and exposure for emerging writers.

    I say stay with fiction and if anyone wants to review then come see me.

  3. Only my opinion, but there are more than enough reviews out there already. Is there there something you could bring to the table that people aren’t already getting?

  4. If the reviews attract a bit of attention nationally, then it might make it easier to convince the Indy bookstore I frequent to carry books like Needle in stock, rather than having to poke at them to order one for me and, oh yeah, a couple more for their shelves.

  5. No book reviews. I bought this magazine because it is ONLY fiction.

  6. I would say if you’re willing to increase the page count and editorial work load to add reviews, go for it. But it shouldn’t come at the expense of fiction.

  7. I’ll be a ditto head on this one. There are already dozens of sites devoted to reviewing crime fiction (the only ones that matter are Spinetingler and Crimefactory, of course….Okay, may Jen’s Book thoughts) and there are zero print mags outside of Needle and Out of the Gutter who are entirely dedicated to publishing fiction.
    Let the stories do the advertising for the authors you’re publishing

  8. As much as I’d love to sneak my book in for a review I have to agree to stick with the original vision. It was so passionate from the start there has to be something to that. I also agree that an author’s work along with a quick bio is exposure enough that people can track down more if they want to.
    As an alternative, maybe you can put some reviews up here on the site so that publishers and authors can still use the cache of listing a review from Needle. It might up the Needle profile too if it gets listed on several book jackets.
    Just a thought.


  9. Eric’s idea isn’t a bad one at all. Print for stories, reviews online.

  10. Good stuff, folks. Thanks for taking the time. To me, the only reason to do the reviews is to help promote the authors.

  11. Mr Beetner speaks sense!

  12. Well, Paul, that would be a first.

  13. That Eric, he’s a freakin’ genius.

  14. Patti Abbott

    I think too many places that review just post good reviews. I stop reading them after a while. Can every book be this great? Although is it really fun to write bad ones for people struggling to make a few bucks? So why get into it at all? You’re either a shill or a cold blanket. Instead be a terrific outlet for fiction.