Here comes your mag

Some stuff you’re gonna wanna know while you wait for your SUMMER issue of NEEDLE.

First, here’s who is in issue the second.

See the names Frank Bill and Stephen Blackmoore? This summer they both signed fantastic book deals for their debut novels.


Stephen Blackmoore’s CITY OF THE LOST, set in Los Angeles in which an enforcer is murdered and brought back to a twisted half-life only to find himself stuck in the middle of a 400-year-old battle for an ancient stone with the power to grant immortality, and DEAD THINGS, to Betsy Wollheim at Daw, by Allan Guthrie at Jenny Brown Associates (World).

And from DBO:

As a writer, Frank’s working without a net. He’s run convention through a shredder and is definitely dancing to the beat of his own drummer – I think it’s a zombie version of Keith Moon. Goes to show what I know. Farrar, Straus, and Giroux has signed Frank  [Bill] to a two book deal – first, a collection of his short fiction and then DONNYBROOK.

Of course, we’re honored to have their stories in NEEDLE #2, but we’re all hot-damn-thrilled for them even more.

Blackmoore’s story is a gritty tale of death and brotherly love.

Bill’s is a prequel to DONNYBROOK, his FSG novel.

Add in the other great talent we’ve got in here and you’ve got some of the best writing in crime fiction.

For the list of who’s in, check out our earlier post. Damn there’s some talent coming your way.

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