Needle: The Summer Issue

Needle, the summer issue is live and ready for your enjoyment.


Ray Banks
Nolan Knight
John Stickney
Frank Bill
Julie Summerell
Nigel Bird
Sarah Weinman
Allan Leverone
Chris F. Holm
David Cranmer
Stephen Blackmoore
Mike Sheeter

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4 responses to “Needle: The Summer Issue

  1. Link goes to the spring issue, I think.

  2. sure does. I had to resend the damn thing with the correct address. Steve, two drink limit till all your emailing is done. Got the beer goggles on already.
    But it looks bad ass!!! Great job.

  3. Just placed my order ~ looking forward to it! Congrats on Issue #2.

  4. Thanks folks. Orders are shipping now, I hear.