The end of a era

Kieran Shea, who contributed a Charlie Byrne story for the first issue of Needle, said he’s putting the character on the shelf for a long time.

Kieran: I’ve had some luck with Charlie over the last two years (almost twenty plus stories and my first serious attempt at a novel). He was the first character someone actually took to print and I think I’ve become way too attached to him. Why? Charlie is easy and unfortunately easy means negative growth as a writer.

As he says, Charlie has been many places, including the upcoming Beat To A Pulp anthology.

Be sure to check out his final story here.

We’ll miss you Charlie Byrne. Get some rest.


2 responses to “The end of a era

  1. Chris F. Holm

    Reading a Charlie story is a cold beer with an old friend. He’ll be missed.

  2. Yeah it’s a vicious circle – when you wonder sometimes how you got where you are and who got you there – then, you realize it’s also time to say goodbye to that whole scene even if it was really a magic carpet ride…Sometimes saying, “Done and over with this shit” well, it’s a little like derailing the meal train. Sometimes it’s time to move on but the new shoes just don’t seem to fit as cushy and bouncy. The road ahead looks a little apocalyptic – both good and bad.
    Good is the challenge and the entire new world ahead.
    Bad is wondering why you didn’t take off sooner.
    The good with the bad blended together is the lesson – then the bubbling frenzy of energy and mad stomach circus acts coming in waves while you realize that as long as you control the words – you control the worlds.
    Keep at it. Find another Charlie – just give him a different job. Or…you know.

    Best and finest!

    Brian Murphy