The Sins of Dave White

Needle Magazine is pleased to announce that it will publish an ebook collection from Derringer-Award winning Dave White.

Under Needle Publishing, MORE SINNED AGAINST will collect seven stories featuring White’s Jackson Donne, a New Jersey PI.

Jackson Donne has appeared in two highly popular novels, WHEN ONE MAN DIES (2007) and THE EVIL THAT MEN DO (2008).

From the introduction by Ray Banks:

When I first started writing my own PI, I wanted to create an unofficial investigator, similar in age or younger than me, working cases that were mundane but personal, someone who would simultaneously embrace and be embarrassed by the expectations and cliché that surrounded his chosen profession. I set out my stall thinking I was being terribly original and when the first story was picked up by Handheld Crime in 2002, I thought that was it, nobody was doing what I was doing, I was a God among men and it was only a matter of time before I was living the high life.

Then I stumbled across “God Bless The Child” by Dave White, a story published by Thrilling Detective in 2000. The detective was Jackson Donne. He was young. He was unofficial. He worked small and personal. He embraced and was embarrassed yadda yadda yadda. In short, this White character had essentially stolen my initial idea. He’d been clever about it, too – managed to nick the idea two years before I actually had it, bastard that he was.

I, of course, swore immediate and bloody revenge.

Over the next four years, he continued to write Donne stories, seven of which are collected here. His next story after “God Bless The Child” was a direct dig – “More Sinned Against”, Handheld Crime, 2002 – published in the same place and the same year that I published my first Innes. On top of that, he eschewed the lone wolf by giving Donne a social circle, as dysfunctional as it is realistic. And then, just to really throw pepper in my eyes, he goes and publishes another one that same year which goes on to win a Derringer. Not only that, but “Closure” succeeds in making a nation’s tragedy personal only a year after the fact, something that writers still struggle with almost ten years on.

Dave White is among the youngest winners of the Derringer Award. He has contributed to many anthologies and collections, including The Adventure of the Missing Detective and Damn Near Dead. Both his novels have been nominated for Shamus Awards. Dave lives in New Jersey, where he teaches middle-school English.

The stories in the collection:
God Bless the Child
More Sinned Against
Get Miles Away
God’s Dice
Darkness on the Edge of Town
Reptile Smile

The collection, which will hit the virtual stands in February 2011, will be the first in an ebook onslaught of awesomeness from Needle Publishing.

MORE SINNED AGAINST, the Jackson Donne Collection
By Dave White

Cover by John Hornor Jacobs
Introduction by Ray Banks


9 responses to “The Sins of Dave White

  1. Excellent. I’m looking forward to reading this collection.

  2. Wow, you guys are taking it up a notch. There’s a lot of great writing out there to be discovered, and you are doing a great service by laboring to get it in the hands of readers. Dave’s Donne stories are a fantastic place to start.

  3. I’d buy that. In fact, e-books have given whole new meaning to the phrase “I’d buy that for a dollar!”

    Seriously, I first remember Dave from the excellent “Closure”, still probably the best 9/11 story I have read.

  4. Yup — count me in. Looking forward to reading it…

  5. Huge fan of Dave White. Can’t wait to buy this.

  6. Love the magazine. I read this one in my friends house and it was great!

  7. Dave White? THE DAVE WHITE?????
    Gee, I knew him when… I am so going to download this sucka when it comes out!

  8. I didn’t write that. Can’t have done. Not nearly enough swearing.