Chris F Holm’s awesome story honored

Big congrats to Chris F. Holm. His “The Hitter” from Needle’s second issue has been selected for the upcoming BEST AMERICAN MYSTERY STORIES.

Read an excerpt of “The Hitter” from our archives here.

Order a copy here.

Visit Chris here and tell him how frackin cool he is.

And check out Chris’s short story collection on the Kindle here.

So, so happy for the dude. Well done.


8 responses to “Chris F Holm’s awesome story honored

  1. Bravo, Chris! And (ahem) a bravito for Needle. Good eye, Steve.

  2. Fan – bloody – tastic and well deserved!

  3. Congrats to Mr. Holm and NEEDLE. That is the big time.

  4. Brilliant stuff, Chris. And may I say, it couldn’t happen to a nicer fella. Top bananas, sir.

  5. Very well deserved, that was one outstanding story!

  6. this is FANTASTIC news and i am so glad Chris’s work is going to reach a big audience! so well deserved!!!

  7. Thanks, all. Means a lot. And super-extra-special thanks to Steve, John, and the whole Needle team; this is their win as much as mine. Top bananas, as Ian said.

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