Holm hits another one outta the park

More huge congrats to Chris F. Holm.

Earlier this year, Holm received word that his story “The Hitter” (Needle, Summer 2010) would be included in the upcoming BEST AMERICAN MYSTERY STORIES from Otto Penzler and Harlen Coben.

And today comes news that “The Hitter” has been nominated for an Anthony Award

So once again, a hearty “Hot Damn” is aimed at Chris F. Holm, as his fantastic story continues to be recognized.

Here’s Holm earlier in the year writing about ‘The Hitter’ and how it came to be.

By the way, have you read 8 POUNDS from Holm? You should.


8 responses to “Holm hits another one outta the park

  1. chad rohrbacher

    Fantastic! Congrats to both Holm who had a terrific tale and Needle Magazine for publishing it.

  2. Chris Rhatigan

    That’s because that Holm guy knows how to do the writing. Congrats, Chris. It’s a phenomenal story.

  3. Thanks, all. This story really wouldn’t have been written were it not for Needle, so when I say the Needle folks and I share in the accolades, I ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie.

  4. Congratulations to you both. That’s awesome news.

  5. Well deserved congratulations.

  6. Another Holm-Run.

    guys a champion

  7. Steve, we will not be able to afford this guy now. I’m depressed.