Fall 2011 Needle is LIVE

NEEDLE’s Fall 2011 issue is LIVE — featuring new fiction from Michael Sheedy, Peter Morin, Michael Moreci, , Alan Leverone, Nolan Knight, Gil Brewer, David James Keaton, Andrew Hook, Daniel Davis, Michael Oliveri, Stephen D. Rogers, Keith Rawson, Art Taylor, Holly West, and Ray Banks.

Here’s how Pete Morin’s story starts:


Osso buco is a dish never to be interrupted.
When my cell phone buzzed amid the clamor of the late seating at Urano’s Trattoria, I should have ignored it, but the phone identified the caller as Thaddeus Sonnet.
I like Thad. He’s my stockbroker and he’s made me a lot of money. So I left my plate at the table, stepped outside to the parking lot and answered.
“Why are you interrupting my osso buco?”
“Where are you?” His voice had an unusual tension.
“I’m in a parking lot in Hyannis. I was eating at Urano’s. Where are you?”
“I’m at Wesley Cummerford’s home.”
“What’re you doing there?”
“Looking at his dead body, I think.”

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  1. Hey, I know that bozo.

    Thanks for the plug, Steve!

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