Dan O’Shea’s OLD SCHOOL  (Snubnose Press, 2012) gets under your skin like a meth itch. From the heart-breaking (“Shackleton’s Hootch,” “Absalom,” and “Sheepshank”) to the ball-breaking (“Hilary’s Scars,” “Thin Mints”) and everything in-between, this outstanding collection brings it. Like the dinner buffet at the Sizzler around 4 p.m., this selection of stories offers a range of choices and leaves you feeling tired, beaten, and well satisfied. In a world of shelves filled with lesser talent, reading O’Shea’s work is both a comfort and a concern – like that quick moment just after you’ve soiled yourself.

— Steve Weddle, NEEDLE editor

PS The cover is by Needle’s own art genius, John Hornor Jacobs. Oh, and he loves the book, too. Click through to find out.


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