Honored and Open

Thanks kindly to the nice folks at Spinetingler Magazine for nominating NEEDLE along with some really great magazines for their BEST OF award.

Also nominated:

Beat to a Pulp
Crime factory
Noir Nation
Pulp Modern
Shotgun Honey

Also, PULP INK, a lovely antho we gave a teeny bit of help to, is nominated for Best Antho. The book was edited by Chris Rhatigan & Nigel Bird.

Also nominated:

Beat to a Pulp: Hardboiled edited by David Cranmer & Scott D. Parker
L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories
Off the Record edited by Luca Veste
Warmed & Bound edited by Pela Via
West Coast Crime Wave edited by Brian Thornton

For more details, check out Spinetingler Magazine, where many of our own friends and neighbors have been nominated for BEST STORY STORY on the web.

Oh, and submissions are re-opened.


2 responses to “Honored and Open

  1. Thanks, Steve! And congrats on the well-deserved nomination.