The inimitable Steve Weddle and I have been up to no good. No good I tell you. Steve had this crazy idea for a crime noir magazine, a real hold in your hands, swat your dog, level your kitchen table, read on the shitter magazine.

So after a little back and forth discussion about it, I took a little time and designed what I think will be the first cover, of course with some minor changes. We have two stories already from great talent, and he’ll be soliciting more from his close knit cadre of malcontents and aberrant friends. (I will add here, there is no open submission cattle call. No no no no. Get that out of your head right now. And I have absolutely no say in what goes into the magazine, so don’t email me. I am just the guy that will make it pretty.)

It’s gonna be hardboiled. Lean and mean. No silly reviews. No poetry (that’s for pussies). No advertising. Nothing but hard hitting stories. In your face and busting up your kiss-maker. Kapow. Urg. Ooof. Grapple grapple. Smash. Clatter.


— John

9 responses to “About

  1. Rebecca B. Swets

    Hi, John! Great idea! Can’t wait to pick it up on the newstand! and Steve? If you want a story, just write 🙂

  2. Where can you purchase a copy of the Fall 2011 #5 issue? Gil Brewer was my step father.

  3. Can I get issues shipped to the UK?

  4. Them LULU folks will mail anywhere. Until your money runs out.

  5. Do you all do any advertising? I am writing a serial novel and am trying to get some extra readers.

  6. I, of course, just misspelled my own name…

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